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Hair Relaxing Treatments

Maintaining your favorite hair style can become a time-consuming and expensive hassle. All that time and energy spent in front of a mirror trying to keep that look, just to have it fall apart when exposed to humidity and sweat. Luckily, La Roselle's Hair Care in Woodbridge, Virginia knows how to get around these issues to help you keep your look. We offer professional chemical hair services and conditioning treatments to style your hair without damaging it.  Rest assured that when we style your hair, it will hold up no matter what the conditions are.

Applying Our Chemicals

At La Roselle's Hair Care, when we apply our chemical hair services for you, we make certain we apply the chemicals without burning or irritating your scalp. Feel confident that when you come to us for chemical applications, we keep your scalp and hair healthy so that it won’t break. 

Our chemical hair services include:

Relaxers | Permanent and Semipermanent Colors | Permanent Curls | Highlights | Low-lights

Conditioning Services

La Roselle's Hair Care custom mixes our own conditioners based on your needs and the texture of your hair. Whether your scalp burns easily, or your hair is dry, thin, or breaking, we have all the necessary knowledge and skill to happily help you restore your scalp and strengthen your hair. Our soothing conditioning treatments stimulate hair growth and repair breakage to ensure overall healthy hair.

La Roselle's Hair Care conditioning treatments include:

Preventative Treatment
"La Roselle's Special" Specially selected shampoos are used depending on the density, texture and porosity of your hair; scalp manipulations are optional. Conditioners are mixed and applied depending on what the hair requires. Which ends with a lovely Bouncy healthy finished hair style to go. Keeping your hair healthy is our business.

Corrective Treatment
"La Roselle's 1"  Just in case there is breakage or dryness from exposure to sun, chlorine, medication or harsh chemical services, we are waiting to hear from you, pick up the phone and worry no more. After analyzing your hair we choose the relevant shampoos based on the findings of our analysis, we apply appropriate scalp manipulations to increase blood circulation to the hair follicles. Then we apply our customized conditioning treatment to instantly stop breakage with a follow up treatment one or two weeks after to moisturize and strengthen the hair from the inside out, resulting in a healthy, glossy and luxurious hair.

Super Corrective Treatment
"La Roselle's 2" Dry dull hair, Flakey, Itchy and Sensitive Scalp. After analysis a Telsa Scalp treatment is applied, followed by a manual scalp manipulation Exfoliation and reconstruction treatments are used to replenish your scalp and rejuvenate your follicles. Specially selected shampoos are used based on the analysis of the texture, density and porosity of your hair. Customized conditioners are used to improve the status of your hair and scalp. take home hair care advice and a healthy shiny hairstyle to go. Thus keeping you and your hair happy.

Ultimate Corrective Treatment
"La Roselle's 3" Stunted, Thinning, Falling from Root, over processed hair, Alopecia, Balding Hair and scalp problems. Tight braids and Weaves have caused you to wonder and ask, " will my hair grow back"? Of course it will. Come see us now, we are waiting for you!  We will make your hair grow and keep it healthy. Let's get going with your consultation and analysis. Our Telsa U.V treatment stimulates circulation, our various scalp manipulation techniques increase relaxation to the scalp and decrease stress caused from tight braids and weave. We do detoxing and exfoliation of your hair and scalp. We then apply customized shampoos and Protein Conditioners depending on the history of your hair and scalp and findings during consultation procedure, thus resulting in increased blood circulation from the papillae through the follicle to the surface of scalp which will boost the strength of your hair root. Regular discussions, at home hair care advice and customized scalp ointment to go with an elegantly finished hairstyle. Hence , "we make your hair grow and keep it healthy."