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Exploit Your Hair

Styling your hair every day can often seem like too much trouble, or perhaps you simply don’t know how to do it. Hairstyles sure do look wonderful in magazines, but it’s easier said than done to get your hair to do what you want it to do. La Roselle's Hair Care in Woodbridge, Virginia, has all the right skills to give you a gorgeous head of hair. Whether it’s hair extensions, haircuts, or hairdo, we achieve it all.


Hair Styling Specialties

At La Roselle's Hair Care we work our magic to generate silky and shiny hair that looks spectacular. We make sure your hair and scalp stays healthy, so that they don’t dry out, by using very mild and professional products. These products are used in accordance to hair length and texture, and to suit the specific needs of your hair. We only apply the best products on your hair to keep it glossy and lively.

La Roselle's Hair Care hair styling specialties include:

Natural and Chemical Hair Care Services | Flexi-Rod Services | Updos | Roller Wraps | Flat Iron Services | Curly Or Straight Hair Styling | Natural Hair Blowouts |Press and Curl Styles | Hair Extensions and much more

Remarkable Haircuts

Our team of professionals in La Roselle's Hair Care, do haircuts according to the length and condition of your hair. We specialize in layer cutting and make certain the cut fits the shape of your face. If you have a specific haircut in mind, rest assured you can bring it to us and we will give you exactly what you request. When it comes to cutting your hair, we are exceptionally precise.

Hair Extension Services

La Roselle's Hair Care hair extensions are done with special techniques for the protection of your hair and scalp. With your safety always in mind, our hair extensions are worked with strength, but are not too tight for a natural and flowing look. Our hair extension edges always stay inside without irritating your scalp and you won’t lose your hair when the extensions are done.