Our customers recognize our diligence and have made many positive comments about our service.

Here are a few of their statements:

“My hair was dry and breaking…”

“I first met Rosie on Thanksgiving at a friend's house. She introduced herself as a hair care specialist and proceeded to ask questions about my hair. She knew immediately my hair was dry and breaking and would not hold moisture anymore, despite trying different products. It was hard to the touch and would make a crinkly sound when I combed it. With ONE visit to Rosie, she made my hair bounce again. I've been going to Rosie ever since. Each time I go, my hair gets healthier, shinier, and LONGER!! My hair is no longer damaged and is as soft as silk! It's not just about styling your hair, because if your hair isn't healthy, it will never look good for long. Healthy hair is her specialty. She's like a chemist, mixing shampoos and oils and conditioners; which makes sense since she has a medical background.“

--Vonda M., Manassas Virginia

“My hair was just not happy…”

“Where do I begin? First, I would like to say I am transitioning from relaxed hair to my natural hair. As you can imagine, I had a bunch or textures in my hair that needed to go. I had gotten a bad haircut the day before and my hair was just not happy with the products used. The next day I called around and stumbled upon La Roselle salon. I explained the haircut I had gotten the day before was not what I wanted and I needed it fixed. When I got there, Rosie did a full consultation. She took the time to explain what she needed to do to fix my hair. She answered my questions and gave me tips for maintaining my hair. She washed and dried my hair so we could see exactly what needed to be fixed. She trimmed the longer parts and gave my hair shape and volume. At the end, I was so excited with my new look and style. I could not believe the final style. I walked out floating on cloud nine because of how happy I was with the result. I totally recommend her!"

-- Yasmailin C., Silver Spring, Maryland

“She studied my curly, dark hair…”

“I was new to the area and read positive reviews, so I decided to give La Roselle a try. I was impressed with Rose's knowledge, skill and care. She studied my curly, dark hair and knew exactly what needed to be done. My new style is fresh and healthy, and we're not done...next up highlights. So glad I found this gifted, wonderful, caring hair master.“

-- Vikki G., Woodbridge, Virginia

“My hair is healthy and growing. It’s never dry when I leave the salon...”

“I have been going to La Roselle's Hair Care for over a year now and I love it!!! Rosie is outstanding. She is very knowledgeable and really cares about the health of your hair and uses quality products to help promote hair growth. She is very professional and does not double book her clients. I never have to wait when I come to get my hair done. Since I have been going to Rosie, my hair is healthy and growing. It’s never dry when I leave the salon. I encourage you to make an appointment with Rosie, you will be very happy that you did.“

--Bobbie S., Lorton Virginia

“…her hair products had the best effect on my hair ever!”

“My! My! How I searched for the lady who owns the salon. She did my hair back in Jamaica and her hair products had the best effect on my hair ever! My hair grew so long and strong, with body galore, people kept asking me if I had braids in. At that time, I only got one treatment. Before I saw my results, she told me it was going to happen and she was so right. I recommend her to anyone who wants good, strong, healthy hair! I can never find another person as knowledgeable about hair care like Ms.Rosie!!“

-- Jackie J., Toronto Canada

"She is an excellent hairdresser. She is very knowledgeable about the health of hair and since I have been going to her my hair has really grown. I never leave the salon with dry hair. She really cares about your hair and I can’t imagine going to anyone else."

-- Dannielle S.

"Upon receiving Rosie's services today, I felt I received quality services. Rose is a professional and took the time to ensure the right amount of care was taken to promote healthy hair."

-- Client P.

"La Rosellas hair care is the best place to go if you want your hair healthy and full of life. Only the best products are used and you will never regret your visit to La Rosella hair care. I have been going for over a year and it's the best my hair has ever been. Love it, love it. Try it please it's the bomb!"

-- Mauchia G.